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Based on an article published Wednesday, March 29th 2000
in The Associated Press.

Frog helps push
exotic animal rights bill


``Not everyone of us up here today is a celebrity or just another one of those talking frogs on Capitol Hill,'' said Kermit the Frog at a news conference on Wednesday to promote a bill that would allow Owners of larger exotic mammals  to be licensed by the Federal Government. A bill put forward by Rep. Tom Lantos.

``I'm a representative of the animal kingdom and we all need your help,'' said Kermit.

After conversing  with actresses Bo Derek, Melanie Griffith and Griffith's mother, Tippi Hedren, Kermit said, ``I, too, am endangered. When I go home to Miss Piggy, I'm going to be in serious trouble.''

Hedren, an animal activist went to Rep. Tom Lantos with this idea for legislation because a lot of people were getting attacked and savaged by these exotic animals that were taken in as small pets and later on not being able to control them when they got bigger.

Hedren said, Many are abandoned or euthanized once they become too much of a burden to their owners.

as many as 7,000 tigers alone are living in people's back yards as pets or, in the case of drug dealers, guard animals to ward off police, said Griffith.

This new bill would require that owners of these large pets would have to get a license from the Agriculture Department and show that they can house and take care of them properly.

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