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Link Request / Froggyville "Hop"pening web site award


Would you like your web site listed on Froggyville's link page? All you have to do is first make sure that you have a link to us already on your site (we check for this when validating your information). You can either use one of our cool banners or put a simple text link (If you have a web site you should know how to do this). Click here for the banners and the necessary code and instructions on how to use them. Please make sure you do not link directly to the banners here you must first copy them to your server. The next thing you need to do is fill out the form below.

Once you have done the above and your site has been put on our links page you will be automatically entered for Froggyville's "Hop"pening web site award. This award is not given out to just anybody, once in a while we come across a very unique site that we think stands out from the rest. Your web site does not have to be about frogs but please make sure it does not contain any violent or rated content. The things we look for are originality, content and creativity.  If your web site wins this award you will be notified by email and given instructions on how to display it proudly on your site for everyone to see.


"Your site here" will be replaced with the name of your web site. and your listing in our links page will have a yellow star next to it, showing visitors to Froggyville that you have won this award. Now on to the form.


Link request Form

All fields are required.

Your Name:

The name of your web site:

The URL of your web site




Your E-Mail Address

The URL where we can find the link to us

Please enter a brief description about your web site:


Special Note: We randomly check web sites that ask to be added to our links page to make sure that the Froggyville links are still available.  If we find that after a couple of days our links are still not available we will delete the web site from our links page. The reason that we do this is because of a lot of people requesting their web site be added then immediately removing the Froggyville links after we have listed them just to get free advertising on a popular site.





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