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Meet Hercules


Hercules is not really part of my frog collection, nor is he my pet. He has been living at my Father-In-Laws koi pond for the past three years and just keeps getting bigger. This picture was taken sometime in March 2000, We have not been able to get close enough to actually measure him but I would say his body alone is about 8" long and if not the same wide, fat little critter. Click the link below to see some more pictures of Hercules and his home.




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Your Frog Collection


If you have pictures of your Frog collection that you would like to see here at Froggyville send them to frogglett@froggyville.com and we will put them online for all to enjoy!



My Frog Collection


Here you will find some photographs of my very priceless and valuable frog collection. I have been collecting frogs for many years. I would estimate that I have at least a couple of thousand pieces in my collection but I have never spent the time to actually count them all.



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