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Instructions can be found at the bottom of this page

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1: Select the page you want to color using the drop down list box.

2: Create any custom color you may want to use by
    A: Select the pallete box you want to replace the color in.

    B: Select the color on the rainbow you would like.

    C: Click on the "REPLACE COLOR IN PALLETE" Button.

3: Select the pen size using the slider bar.

4: Select either Color or Trace mode using the radio buttons.
    A: Color just colors solid.

    B: Trace will highlight the lines of the picture with the selected color.

5: Select a color to start with from the pallete and go.


Want to print your picture?

PC windows users:

1: After coloring the picture, hit the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard.

2: Open up your favorite graphical editor (everyone has Microsoft Paint).

3: Hit edit... paste in the menu bar, and walla.

4: Crop the coloring page out of the rest of the pasted picture.



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