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Frog Spy Encoder

The Frog Spy Encoder allows you to send and receive encrypted
 messages to your friends.

How to encode a message:
You can cut and paste or type your message in the box below. Then enter a secret code number between 1 & 200. The secret code number must be given to your friend to decode the message you are sending. Once you hit the "Encode Message" button you will see your message encrypted. You can then highlight the encrypted text and copy and paste it into your email message.

How to decode a message:
You must first paste the encrypted message you receive in the box below.  Enter the secret code number that your friend gave to you when they sent the message and hit the "Decode Message" button.

Any easy way to tell your friend about this page and also to give them your secret code number is to click on the "Send this page to a friend" icon located at the bottom of this page.

(Enter a number between 1 & 200)
Secret Code Number:

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