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 Shockwave Frog Games

These online games require a Shockwave compatible browser and the latest version of the Shockwave plug-in. If you need a copy of the Shockwave plug-in, you can get it by clicking on the button below.



Frog Shooting!            Frog Jump!           Web Frog!

Frogger!           Frog Slots!            zigsaw!


Lickety Splat!


Java Frog Games

The games listed below require that your browser has Java enabled.
If you experience problems trying to play the java games you may need to download the latest Java VM for your web browser from www.java.com )


Frog Says. A frog version of Simon Says. Click the buttons in the same order as Frog (the computer).


Frog Spy Encoder. Send and receive encoded messages to your friends.


Play classic checkers with a Froggy twist.



Test your Froggy Memory. See how well you can remember how the picture fits together.



Go to the races and bet on your favorite high speed amphibian



Can you beat the computer frog in this strategic game of Othello.



Play Tic Tac Toe, froggy style.



Hop your way to safety, classic froggy arcade action.



Adopt and take care of your very own pet Frog, here at Froggyville.


Games & Quizzes

Crossword Puzzle

The Magic Frog
Visit the Magic Frog, pick a number and he will guess it.

The Magic Frog Ball!

Ask me a question!



Download Frog Games (PC only)


Download Frogger demo


Download Frogger 2 demo


Fly Feastin!
Fly Feastin
See how many bugs you can zap in five fantastic rounds.


Hip Hoppin!
Hip Hoppin
A race against time and some pretty high hurdles.


Revenge of Froggie!
Revenge of Froggie


Fat Frog RPG!
Fat Frog Role Playing Game


Classic Frogger!
Classic Frogger


Download Froghop!
FrogHop for Windows


Frog Bender 2000


Bzzz for Windows 95!
Bzz! for Windows

Frogapult for Windows


Raiders of the lost
Mexican Staring Frog



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