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An ideal habitat setup - Page 1

Please remember that this is only a suggestion. There are many different ways to set up a successful habitat for your frog. The original idea for a false bottom tank was obtained from Czar Helix. We actually use this setup for our Red Eyed Tree Frog's and have found it to be very successful. You will end up with a setup that is about 2/3 land and 1/3 water. It acts as a kind of biological filter and almost maintenance free, the only thing you will need to do is wipe the glass down once a week. Although it is very elaborate some things can be left out to make it easier. Please read on for further instructions.

1 x 20 gallon tank.
1 x sheet 2' x 4' egg crate.
1 x 2' x4' Non-metallic window screen/mesh.
4 x 2" pvc elbows.
2 x 2" pvc Tee's.
1 x Waterfall & water pump.
25LBS large Aquarium Gravel/Substrate.
1 x air pump.
4' airline tubing.
1 x airline tee.
1 x fogger.
3 x artificial lily pads.
1 x rain forest scenery tank background.
3' clear vinyl tubing (to fit waterfall).
assorted plants.
Temperature gauge.
Humidity gauge.

Total cost about $300


The first thing you need to do is take what you can and scrub and clean it thoroughly with anti-bacterial hand cleaner. We noticed that a lot of the items we purchased had been sitting on store shelves and were covered with dirt and dust.

Take the 2' x 4' sheet of egg crate and cut it to fit in your tank. Put the water pump on the bottom of the tank and cut a small hole in the egg crate so that the tubing that re-circulates the water will poke through. If you are using a waterfall either place the water pump on the left or right back corner of your tank depending on what side you want the water in your tank to be on.

Make sure that the pvc elbow's and tee's are thick enough so that when you place them in your tank along with the egg crate and screen/mesh your water pump fits underneath, the 2" diameter will depend on the size of your water pump. Place the 4 x 2" pvc elbows and 2 x 2" pvc tee's on the bottom of the tank and place the egg crate on top. Cut the Non-metallic window screen/mesh to fit perfectly over the egg crate this will stop the aquarium gavel from falling through. We tell you to use the Non-metallic or nylon screen/mesh because this will not rust like some other types of mesh and will not infect the environment of your tank for your frogs to live in. Cut a small hole in the screen/mesh for the tubing to fit through and lay that down over the egg crate. What is egg crate? It is a type of panel that is used for lighting fixtures, it normally comes in 2 x 4 feet sheets and can be found at most building supply stores.



Take your assorted plants and either re-pot them or trim down the pots they come in so that they will be buried just below the top of the aquarium gravel, about 3 1/2 inches. The aquarium gravel will be about 4 inches deep on the side of your tank that will be land. Make sure that you wash the plants thoroughly to get rid of any pesticides or any other harmful agents. Also sometimes plants are potted in soil that contains small beads of polystyrene, make sure that there are none of these in your potting soil as well as they could work there way to the surface and harm your frogs if they eat them. The reason we suggest that you use pots instead of placing loose soil in your tank is because it makes for easier maintenance and if one of your plants happens to die it can somewhat be easily replaced without having to churn up a lot of soil. Place your plants on the side of your aquarium that will be land. We suggest putting the smaller and slower growing plants in front and the larger faster growing plants in the back, this way when your frogs are active you will be able to see them. Another idea is to place a good piece of climbing furniture in your tank. This gives your frogs a place to climb and get of the ground. If you have Red Eyed Tree Frogs they will love this.

If you need help on what plants to use, click here to check out our plant guide.

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