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Hercules, his friends and his home

Meet Hercules. He is a Bullfrog. Below you will find some great pictures of him, his friends and his home that were taken by my Father-In-Law Dave. Hercules has lived at Dave's Koi pond for several years. We first spotted him in the spring of 1998. My Husband named him Hercules because he is so big and he looks very strong, probably from eating all them expensive Koi.

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Just click on the picture to see a full size view.

These photographs are the property of and are copyrighted
 (c) 2001 David Trutzenbach and cannot be used without written consent.

hercules7.jpg (41824 bytes)
Is that a fish in Hercules mouth?


hercules8.jpg (59587 bytes)
Hercules home. July 2001


samson3.jpg (69797 bytes)
This is Dave & Samson. Guess which one is Dave? Dave is petting Samson.



samson2.jpg (52215 bytes)
Samson hiding in the Iris's.

samson.jpg (45373 bytes)
Meet Samson. Hercules friend at the Koi Pond.


hercules6.jpg (40781 bytes)
 Hercules hiding in the Iris's.

hercules3.jpg (82269 bytes)


hercules1.jpg (69008 bytes)


hercules2.jpg (44514 bytes)


Koipond1.jpg (52234 bytes)
Koi carp, some of Hercules friends
or are they lunch? I do not think my Father-In-Law would be happy about that.


Koipond2.jpg (67266 bytes)
A picture of his home. Located in southern NJ USA.


Koipond3.jpg (60966 bytes)
From a different angle.


hercules4.jpg (61354 bytes)

hercules5.jpg (35394 bytes)

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