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Favorite Links

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A web site that has this logo next to it means that it has been awarded the Froggyville "Hop"pening web site award.

Personal Frog Web Sites

Kermit Inspiration
Kermit Inspiration, a site dedicated to Kermit the frog.

Captain Frogs!  Captain Frogs
Collection of froggy things, poems, frog-art, stories and such.


Special Gallery with self hand painted pictures of famous artists in frog-design.

The Froggy Dance!The Froggy Dance
Rock till you hop!

  Michele's Frog Page! Michele's frog page
A good Frog page, with lots of
 fun Frog stuff to see.

Brantacan! BrantaCan
Info. on  natural history, science, engineering & some cool frog photo's.

Frogland - All about frogs! Frogland
Cool web site,
 lots of frog care info.

The Froggy Page!
The Froggy Page

tdc's Froggy! tdc's Froggy
Comments on Global News "right from the pond"

TV Appearances

Internet Tonight!
Internet Tonight

The Big Breakfast! The Big Breakfast

Awards & Achievements

Check out our Awards!

Froggy Postcards

 Virtual  Froggy Cards
Send a cool Virtual Froggy Greeting Card.

Other Frog Web Sites

RainForest Alliance! RainForest Alliance
Show your support for our disappearing
 Rain Forests.

muppets!  Muppets.com

henson.com  Henson.com
Home's of Kermit the Frog.

Peace Frogs!  Peace Frogs OnLine
Cool place to buy Frog t-shirts hats etc.

Melbourne Zoo - World of frogs! Melbourne Zoo
World of frogs!

VFG Victorian Frog Group

Misc. Web Sites

Swamp Cartoons from the Australian
 cartoonist Gary Clark. Wart and Mort
 are  the local swamp frogs who are
 always getting up to something.

The Hampster Dance!The Hampster Dance
Go visit Hampton!

petinfo4u! petinfo4u.com
Free Pet Care Information Resource offering: Pet care, Tips, Pet Of The Week,
 A Pet Matcher & more.

Chin's Nature Corner! Chinís Nature Corner
Excellent collection of nature

Onshore! Onshore, Inc.

@dver@ctive! @dver@ctive

Pre-K Kiddos!Pre-K Kiddos
O'Donnell Pre-Kindergarten
School web site

Frog Wonderland!  Frog Wonderland
(Japanese) cool games.


Web Rings!

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Hopping Frog Webring?

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Link to us

Do you like Froggyville  so much that you'd like to link to us from your homepage? Great! Below you will find our banners and the code to implement them. And we'd like you to know that we really appreciate it.

To save the images on a PC, right click and choose "Save." On a Macintosh click and hold, then choose "Save." Then simply insert the following code into your HTML to link to Froggyville the Froggy Dance the FroggyCam ,FroggyTV or our Froggy Greeting Cards making sure the path to the image, if any, is correct on your web page. Choose from either our small or large banners.

Please do not link directly to the images on our website!

Small Banners

Froggyville!  Froggyville!  Froggyville!

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<A HREF="http://www.froggyville.com"
TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="images/froggyville_banner_small.gif" BORDER="1" HEIGHT="60" WIDTH="143" ALT="Froggyville!"></A>
<!-- End Froggyville Link -->

Large Banners



<!-- Start Froggyville Link -->
<A HREF="http://www.froggyville.com"
TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="images/froggbanner.gif" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="60" WIDTH="468" ALT="Froggyville!"></A>
<!-- End Froggyville Link -->


<!-- Start FroggyCam Link -->
<A HREF="http://www.froggyville.com/froggycam.htm"   TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="images/froggycambanner.gif" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="60" WIDTH="468" ALT="FroggCam!"></A>
<!-- End FroggyCam Link -->


<!-- Start FroggyTV Link -->
<A HREF="http://www.froggyville.com/froggytv.htm"   TARGET="_blank"><IMG  SRC="images/froggytvbanner.gif" BORDER="0" HEIGHT="60" WIDTH="468" ALT="FroggyTV!"></A>
<!-- End FroggyTV Link -->

rock till you hop!

<!-- Start Froggydance Link -->
<A HREF="http://www.froggydance.com"   TARGET="_blank"><IMG SRC="images/frogdancebanner.gif" BORDER="1" HEIGHT="60" WIDTH="468" ALT="rock till you hop!"></A>
<!-- End Froggydance Link -->

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