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My Frog Collection

Below you will find some photographs of of my very priceless and valuable frog collection. I have been collecting frogs for many years. I would estimate that I have at least a couple of thousand pieces in my collection but I have never spent the time to actually count them all.

Just click on any image for a full size view.


frogbirdbathstone.jpg (50490 bytes)
Another frog bird bath.
Present from my Husband.



frogcrossing.jpg (59386 bytes)
Frogs crossing sign
in my front yard.


frogbirdbath.jpg (74088 bytes)
A bird bath.
A birthday present from my husband.


frogcandleholder.jpg (38706 bytes)
A cast iron outside candle burner.


frogkitchen.jpg (30349 bytes)
Kiss the frog, pot mats in my kitchen.


frogscuddling.jpg (41318 bytes)
A couple of cuddling frogs that I have
on my front porch. A birthday present
from my Sister.


frogshopping.jpg (64316 bytes)
Wrought iron Leap Frogs. A birthday
present from my Husband.


Jim-henson-auto.jpg (45672 bytes)
8x10 photo signed by
 Jim Henson & Kermit the Frog.
A Christmas present from
 my Husband.


lifesize-kermit.jpg (32845 bytes)
Life size Kermit sitting on my couch watching TV. He stands over
5 1/2 feet tall.


froglamp.jpg (39116 bytes)
A Froggy lamp. A Christmas gift from a hamster!


frogwirly .jpg (53645 bytes)
A Frog Whirligig. That my Husband got for my birthday a few years ago.


gotmilkposter.jpg (54945 bytes)
"Milk isn't just for tadpoles"
Kermit the frog "Got Milk" poster


kermitcleinposter.jpg (32535 bytes)
Kermit the frog "Kermit Clein" poster. Sexy Frog.


frogcount.jpg (52311 bytes)

A really cool poster that my In-Laws got me for my Birthday. Count and find Frogs.


wedding.jpg (35532 bytes)
I guess my husband counts as a part of my frog collection.
This is a picture of us on our wedding day, April 27th 1991.


thinkmac.jpg (44790 bytes)
Here is a poster I have from an add campaign ran by Apple Computers. "Think different"


steinfrog.jpg (20198 bytes)
Here is a picture that my Husband got for me, Christmas 1998.
It is a Steinbacher by Leslie Levy Publishing in Scottsdale Arizona.


kermitrobin.jpg (54741 bytes)
Here is Kermit & Robin, Sitting back, relaxing and watching some TV.


camelotfrog.jpg (47666 bytes)
Camelot Frogs, A collection of 12 porcelain frogs with names like "Sir Hop a Lot". The theme is based around King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table


frogwaterfall.jpg (40777 bytes)
My Frog Waterfall. A Christmas present that my Dad got for me.


3frogsbench.jpg (33559 bytes)
Three Frog's sitting on a wooden bench in my kitchen.


frogjars.jpg (37850 bytes)
Four Frog canisters with matching salt and pepper shakers I use in my kitchen.


lamp1.jpg (23839 bytes)

lamp2.jpg (27234 bytes)
Here are some really neat Froggy lampshade ornaments.


frogwelcome.jpg (35075 bytes)
This is a cool Froggy welcome piece. It's made of metal and is hand painted. It hangs by my backdoor.


fridge.jpg (45263 bytes)
My Frog refrigerator magnets! Collected from all over the world.


frogteaset.jpg (31762 bytes)
This is my Frog tea set, that I never use!


flowerpotfrogs.jpg (41743 bytes)
The flower pot Frogs! From mySister for my Birthday.


kermitphone.jpg (26057 bytes)
My Kermit telephone. A Christmas present from my Mom.


  More pictures of my Frog collection are being added all the time!


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