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Froggyville News & Events

January - April 2000


Sunday April 30th 2000


UPDATE: More pictures of Robin & Kermit. Found in the FroggyCam area.
Added more pictures of Hercules, in my Frog Collection.


Saturday April 29th 2000


UPDATE: My Frog collection, More pictures of my Frog collection from telephones to lamps.
NEWS: The Froggy Quiz, Only one day left until the end of our first game. Who will be the lucky winner?


Tuesday April 25th 2000


Internet Tonight!TV APPEARANCE: Don't miss ZDTV's Internet Tonight with Scott & Michaela. They will be featuring Froggyville and Interviewing the creator of all this Froggyness. Check your local TV Guide for show times.


Thursday, April 20th 2000


TV APPEARANCE: Froggyville was featured in Australia on the morning TV show called "The Big Breakfast" click here to visit their web site.


Monday, April 17th 2000


NEW: Take a sneak peak at Froggy TV. Its a Frog Thing!


Sunday, April 16th 2000


UPDATE: My Frog collection, I have added a few more pictures of Hercules, our adopted amphibian.


Friday, April 14th 2000


NEW: Visit the Magic Frog, Found in the Games Area.
Take care of your very own Virtual Pet Frog, found in the Games Area.


Thursday, April 13th 2000


UPDATE: The Frog learning center. Link to The U.S. Fish and Wildlife's endangered species program.
The Froggyville Frog FAQ found in the FroggyTalk area under the Frog Learning Center.
Pet Care info. on the Red Eyed Tree Frog found in the FroggyTalk area under pet help.


Wednesday, April 12th 2000


UPDATE: Announcement for the new Frogger 2 game by Hasbro Interactive and Atari, found in the Games area, Download Frog games for your PC.
UPDATE: Check out the link to the NAAMP which can be found in the Frog Learning Center. A global effort to study and conserve amphibians.


Tuesday, April 11th 2000


NEW: Find out what the word Amphibian really means.
UPDATE: New joke in the Jokes area.


Monday, April 10th 2000


UPDATE: Froggyville is a proud member of The RainForest Alliance, click here to find out more about there organization. A percentage of the profits made by the sale of our merchandise in our online store will be donated to them.
New jokes in the Jokes area.
NEW: Send us your Pet Frog Photograph's for our new Pet Frog Gallery and you could win a Froggyville T-Shirt.


Saturday, April 8th 2000


NEW: Added Frog walking a Java based Frogger type game. It can be found in the Games area under Online Java Games.
Visit the new Frog Learning Center found in the FroggyTalk area.
This new feature helps you by providing educational resources and material about Frogs. Our first educational resource is a link to the Virtual Frog Dissection Kit by Berkeley Labs.

Play Tic Tac Frog in the Games area.


Friday, April 7th 2000


Links list, Visit Charity Frogs! EVERY DAY YOU RIBBIT, THEY

We have renamed the Frog Photograph collections found in the graphics area to Froggyville's Amphibian House.
Meet Hercules, in my Frog Collection.
NEW: Color Me Frog, Online java based coloring book.


Wednesday, April 5th 2000


FROGGY NEWS: The FroggyCam made SpazioCam's top ten list.
NEW: We are trying to make Froggyville a little bit easier to navigate. Check out FroggyTalk, Links and the Graphics area.


Tuesday, April 4th 2000


UPDATE: New article in the Jokes area.
Froggyville SAFETY ALERT. What can happen if you give information out about yourself  to someone you do not know on the Internet.
NEW: Check out our plant guide, plants to use in your frog's home.
FROGGYVILLE AWARD:   Congratulations to our recent Froggyville "Hop"pening web site award winner the Hampster Dance2


Monday, April 3rd 2000


FROGGYVILLE AWARD: Congratulations to the first recipient of the Froggyville "Hop"pening web site award Freaky Frogs
NEW: Find out what the word Frog really means.


Sunday, April 2nd 2000


POLL RESULTS: From March 1st to April 2nd. The favorite joke was "The Talking Frog" with 37.25%

What is your favorite frog joke?
Kermit Jagger 8 15.69 %
Doctor's Office 6 11.76 %
Bar Tricks 9 17.65 %
The Cute Princess 9 17.65 %
The Talking Frog 19 37.25 %
TOTAL 51 100.00 %


NEW: An ideal habitat for your frog. materials list, instructions and illustrations.


Saturday, April 1st 2000


FROGGY NEWS: The FroggyDance is featured in the Centre for the Easily Amused.


Friday, March 31st 2000


UPDATE: Froggy Pictures & Places.


Wednesday, March 29th 2000


NEW:  The Froggyville "Hop"pening web site award.
UPDATE: The Froggy Dance has just gone through a major renovation.

UPDATE: More Frog Photograph's to the graphics area. Courtesy of Mike Pingleton & Chin Fah Shin.


Friday, March 24th 2000


NEW: We have started to add new Froggy Graphics. We thought it would improve the look of Froggyville to use one frog in many posses. Let us know what you think.


Tuesday, March 21st 2000


UPDATE: 2 new Froggy jokes to the Jokes area.


Friday, March 17th 2000


NEW: Froggyville Radio Streaming MP3's with a Froggy twist.

NEW: Vote now, The Froggyville poll. we shall be changing the questions on a regular basis.


Wednesday, March 15th 2000


NEW: online store. Now you can choose between the Original logo and the new Froggy logo merchandise.


Monday, March 13th 2000


NEW: The Froggy Quiz is here. Quiz #1 from March 13th to April 30th 2000


Monday, March 6th, 2000


NEW: Reopened the new Froggyville Message Board.


Friday, March 3rd, 2000


FROGGY NEWS: The FroggyCam made EarthCam's top ten list.

The Froggyville mail List keep up to date on all the latest happenings.

Froggyville Radio is almost ready, Streaming MP3's with a Froggy twist!


Sound "Hi ho and welcome back" Kermit the Frog, from muppets.com.





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