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Froggyville News & Events

May - August 2001


Sunday August 26th 2001


UPDATE: Added more recent photographs of Robin in the FroggyCam archives. Included a few new photographs of some old and some recent pieces of my frog collection. Added some new photographs to the Meet Hercules area.


Saturday August 18th 2001


NEWS: FroggyTV x 2. Now broadcasting 2 channels of live streaming video. Not only can you see the FroggyCam capture pictures from Robin and Kermit's home in 30 second intervals but the same camera is now streaming live video 24 hours a day as well.


Saturday August 4th 2001


UPDATE: New products can be purchased in the Frog Shop. Baseball caps, Bucket hats, Tote bags, Boxer shorts and Tank tops. Available in our  original, Frog, Froggy TV and Hercules designs. Please remember that a percentage of the profits made by the sale of our merchandise will be donated to the RainForest Alliance.

Froggyville is a proud member of The
RainForest Alliance!
A percentage of the profits made by the sale of our
merchandise will be donated to the RainForest Alliance.



Thursday August 2nd 2001


NEWS: The start of Froggy quiz #8, August 1st to December 31st 2001. Same questions new game. Congratulations to Jenn winner of game #7.
POLL RESULTS: From July 1st to July 31st  your favorite FroggyTalk area was Fun Stuff, FroggyTV & Radio with 31 votes, 60.78%.

What is your favorite FroggyTalk area?
Interact, Chat & Message Board. 10 19.61 %
Pet help. 5 9.80 %
Frog learning center. 5 9.80 %
Fun Stuff, FroggyTV & Radio. 31 60.78 %
TOTAL 51 100.00 %


Tuesday July 24th 2001


UPDATE: The FroggyCam has been given a small cosmetic change. The  time and date of the picture taken is now displayed at the top left instead of the bottom. We have also removed the non-java version of the FroggyCam. The floating FroggyCam window has been streamlined a little for better viewing on your desktop.


Wednesday July 4th 2001


POLL RESULTS: From June 1st to June 30th. Your favorite frog book was The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher with 35 votes, 34.65%.

What is your favorite Frog Book?
The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher. 35 34.65 %
The Celebrated Jumping Frog. 12 11.88 %
Fabulous Frogs. 12 11.88 %
It's a Frog's Life. 22 21.78 %
The Red-Eyed Tree Frog. 20 19.80 %
TOTAL 101 100.00 %


Friday June 1st 2001


POLL RESULTS: From May 1st to May 31st. Your favorite product in the Frog Shop was T-Shirts, with 37 Votes, 47.44%. Don't forget to take this months poll. What is your favorite frog book.

What is your favorite product in the Frog Shop?
T-Shirts 37 47.44 %
Mugs 8 10.26 %
Books 4 5.13 %
Petsmart Products 20 25.64 %
Magazines 9 11.54 %
TOTAL 78 100.00 %


Saturday May 26th 2001


UPDATE: Check out the FroggyCam. We have added an approximate Temperature and Humidity display. Which monitors the environment inside Robin & Kermit's Terrarium.


Thursday May 17th 2001


UPDATE: Check out Bob's favorite frog table lamp in the "Your Collection" area.
UPDATE: Added a new link to the links area. If you find any broken links please let us know. Send mail to frogglett@froggyville.com, Thank you.


Saturday May 5th 2001


POLL RESULTS: From April 1st to April 30th. What is Cyber Frogs favorite thing to do on the Internet? Was chat with other frogs with 40 votes, 26.32%.

What is Cyber Frogs favorite thing to do on the Internet?
Check his email? 13 8.55 %
Instant message his frog buddies? 27 17.76 %
Play frog games? 37 24.34 %
Surf the web looking for frog stuff? 35 23.03 %
Chat with other frogs? 40 26.32 %
TOTAL 152 100.00 %


Sound "Hi ho and welcome back" Kermit the Frog, from muppets.com.





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