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Froggyville News & Events

September - December 2000


Sunday December 31st 2000


UPDATE: New game, Frog Spy Encoder. Send and receive encrypted messages to and from your friends.
UPDATE: New game, Frog Says. A frog version of Simon Says.
UPDATE: The Magic Frog Ball. Ask a it a question then get your answer by clicking on the ball!


Sunday December 10th 2000


UPDATE: New game, Frog Checkers. Play the classic checkers game with a frog twist.


Saturday December 9th 2000


UPDATE: New game, Froggy Picture Memory. Test your froggy memory and solve this leaping picture puzzle.
Date: 5 Dec 2000   Source: San Jose Mercury News
BISHOP -- The crystal mountain lakes of the Sierra Nevada, set among verdant meadows and snowy granite peaks, have become known throughout the world as a paradise for trout fishing. _LEAD ...

Frog-call survey identifies, estimates frog population
Date: 5 Dec 2000   Source: Philadelphia Daily News
Scripps Howard News Service MARCO, Fla. - Bethany Storm hasn't found any frogs that say "Bud," "Weis" or "Er." But she found plenty that say "Garunk," "Ca-rooak" and "Peep." And yes, ...

Pesticides could be cause of declining mountain frogs
Date: 9 Dec 2000   Source: Seattle Times
Agricultural pesticides are disrupting the nervous system of frogs in Yosemite National Park and elsewhere in the Sierra Nevada, which could explain why many amphibians have undergone dramatic declines in the ...


Saturday December 2nd 2000


UPDATE: New game, Frog Racing. Go to the races and bet on your favorite high speed amphibian.
POLL RESULTS: From November 1st to November 30th. What would you like to see more of at Froggyville. The most popular answer was "Frog Games" with 65 votes, 43.92%.

What would you like to see more of at Froggyville?
Frog games. 65 43.92 %
Frog graphics. 43 29.05 %
Frog care info. 8 5.41 %
Frog jokes. 21 14.19 %
Frog related news. 3 2.03 %
Frog related links. 8 5.41 %
TOTAL 148 100.00 %


Saturday November 18th 2000


NEWS: Check out our new area "Your Frog Collection". If you have pictures of your Frog collection that you would like to see here at Froggyville send them to frogglett@froggyville.com and we will put them online.
UPDATE: The Pet Frog gallery has a new addition.
UPDATE: Added a new link to the Links area.
UPDATE: Froggyville Frog Faq (frequently asked questions about frogs).
FROGGYVILLE AWARD:   Congratulations to our recent Froggyville "Hop"pening web site award winner, Frogpool.



Monday November 6th 2000


NEWS: We have added a search feature to the Environment News column that is found on our main page. You can search the Environment news by keywords for stories that you may have missed or for ones that were not shown at Froggyville.


Friday November 3rd 2000


NEWS: Our main page now has a live Environment News feed to keep you up to date on global environmental issues.
From October 1st to October 31st. Your favorite game at froggyville was Frogger with 35 votes, 46.05%. Be sure to take this months poll and vote for things that you would like to see more of at Froggyville.

What is your favorite game at Froggyville?
Frogger 35 46.05 %
Froggy Quiz 1 1.32 %
Crossword Challenge 1 1.32 %
Virtual pet Frog 23 30.26 %
Lickety Splat 8 10.53 %
Tic Tac Frog 8 10.53 %
TOTAL 76 100.00 %


Friday October 20th 2000


FROGGY NEWS: The FroggyCam is webcam worlds featured cam of the day.
UPDATE: The Frog Shop. Get your official Hercules T-Shirt & More. We now offer 2x, 3x and 4x-large size T-shirts. Plus now you can order items by check or money order.


Wednesday October 4th 2000


UPDATE: We now have Ash Grey color T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Long Sleeve T-Shirts and Babydoll T-Shirts for sale in the Frog Shop with your favorite Froggyville designs. Remember a percentage of the profits made from all our online sales gets donated to the Rain Forest Alliance.


Monday October 2nd 2000


UPDATE: Added new links to the links area.
NEWS: The start of Froggy quiz #5, October 1st to December 31st 2000. Same questions new game. Congratulations to Dafney winner of game #4.
She chose a FroggyTV T-Shirt as her prize.
FROGGYVILLE AWARD:   Congratulations to our recent Froggyville "Hop"pening web site award winner, as per our monthly poll:

Little Tree Frogs Place

POLL RESULTS: From September 1st to September 30th. The web site you thought should receive the Froggyville award was Little Tree Frog's place with 126 votes, 35.90%.

which website should receive the Froggyville Award!
Jumpy's Frog World 11 3.13 %
Little Tree Frog's Place 126 35.90 %
Captain Frogs 101 28.77 %
My Frog Page 14 3.99 %
Frogpool 85 24.22 %
My Lily Pad 14 3.99 %
TOTAL 351 100.00 %


Friday September 24th 2000


UPDATE: Frogger 2, Swampy's Revenge has finally been released by Hasbro Interactive. You can find the link to the Frogger 2 website in the games section, unfortunately a demo is not available yet. However you can download two new frog games from Hasbro, Fly Feastin & Hip Hoppin.


Friday September 22nd 2000


NEW: Check out our Awards page, a collection of awards & achievements that Froggyville has received.
UPDATE: New photo's from the 26th Annual Frog Follies car show held in Evansville, IN on August 25, 26 & 27th.
UPDATE: Added new links to the links area.
UPDATE: The Frog Shop. Get your official FroggyTV T-Shirt & More. We now offer 2x, 3x and 4x-large size T-shirts. Plus now you can order items by check or money order.


Saturday September 9th 2000


UPDATE: We have added some additional link banners to the link to us area. There are now banners for FroggyTV and some smaller banners to choose from. We'd like you to know that we really appreciate you linking to us.


Friday September 1st 2000


UPDATE: Check out the all new FroggyTV. It has been re-vamped, Now with live streaming video 24 hours a day. Plus the full collection of Froggyville TV appearances are ready for you to watch.
UPDATE: Added a new picture to the FroggyCam picture archive.
UPDATE: More pictures of Samson friend of Hercules at the Koi pond.
POLL RESULTS: From August 1st to August 31st. Your favorite pet frog in the pet frog gallery was Frogglet with 12 votes, 21.43%.

Who is your favorite frog in the Pet Frog Gallery
Webster 9 16.07 %
Rosa 6 10.71 %
Freddie 5 8.93 %
Little One 9 16.07 %
Emmitt 11 19.64 %
Frogglet 12 21.43 %
Gollum 4 7.14 %
TOTAL 56 100.00 %


Sound "Hi ho and welcome back" Kermit the Frog, from muppets.com.





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