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How to Make an Origami Jumping Frog - page 1

In just 20 simple steps you can make your very own Origami Jumping Frog. The only tools that you will need are your hands and maybe a pair of scissors. The only material you will need is a piece of paper, no smaller than 8.5" x 8.5", if it is any smaller than this the paper tends to get a bit difficult to fold.

1) To make your very own Origami Jumping Frog, start out with a square piece of paper. You can find square paper made especially for Origami at art supply stores or you can even be more creative and make your own.

2) To make your own square paper, take a sheet of paper and fold it diagonally, so that side "a" meets side "b".

You can either cut along the red line with a pair of scissors or you  can folding the paper backwards and forwards to create a sharp crease and then carefully tear section 1 off.

3) Now you should have a perfect square piece of paper. The next thing you need to do is fold it so that the creases match the diagram below. Fold the paper diagonally and then in half. Then   unfold it and it should match this diagram.


4) Start to push on points C and D, at the same time folding the top edge of the paper down until it meets the bottom edge of the paper. You want your completed fold to end up as a triangle.

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