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Send Us Your Pet Frog Photograph's
and you could win a Froggyville Cap, Mug  or T-Shirt.

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We want you to send us your pet Frog photograph's (Actually this can be either a photo, painting, drawing, etc.) so that we can start and keep on adding to the new feature in the Graphics area called The Pet Frog Gallery based upon People and their pet Frogs.

There is no deadline. This will be an open feature on Froggyville. Any photo that we think stands out from the rest, we will send a Froggyville T-Shirt to the person who sent it in. Although I am sure every photo that we get will be awesome we cannot send out T-Shirts to everyone, sorry.

There are two ways that you can get your photo's to us. If you have a scanner or know someone who can scan them for you and you are able to provide us with am image file in any format that is relatively small in size,  less than 500k you can email them to frogglett@froggyville.com.

The second way is to mail them to us using the good old fashioned US Postal Service and we shall scan them. If you select this method please be sure that you include a self addressed, stamped envelope so that we can return them, otherwise you will not get them back. To obtain our mailing address send email to frogglett@froggyville.com and explain what you want and why.

Please remember to include some information about you and your frog, like what species of Frog it is and anything else that you think we might like to know. If you have any questions or comments please send email to frogglett@froggyville.com.



Images that are displayed in the Pet Frog Gallery become the joint property of Froggyville and the original distributing individual or individuals. They can be used by us in any way shape or form that we see fit,  providing that it is in good taste. We cannot be held responsible for any other person or person's that legally or Illegally obtain these images and use, distribute, display or manipulate them in any manner. We also reserve the right to stop this feature at any time.






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