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The photographs below were kindly sent to us by visitors to Froggyville. They cannot be used or reproduced without the owners permission.

Just click on a picture to see a full size view.

beany.jpg (32644 bytes)

This is Beany. Beany is one of two Red Eye Tree frogs who share a tank. Beany likes to hang out on the waterfall., while the other, Cecil, likes to stay in leaves.

philbert.jpg (28618 bytes)

sheldon.jpg (10848 bytes)

The first pic is of my one week old frog "Philbert"  He's about a quarter of an inch long. The second pic is of my other frog "Sheldon" he's about 4 months old & one inch long. They are both Tasmanian Brown Tree frogs and were raised from tadpoles.
Owner: Lia

calvert.jpg (31290 bytes)

calvert2.jpg (32528 bytes)

This is Calvert, a Northern Cricket Frog (acris crepitans). Calvert is about the size of a quarter, now, but can be expected to grow up to 1.5 inches in length. Even though he is small, he can jump up to 3 feet at a time! Like all northern cricket frogs, Calvert likes to eat any small insect that travels his way. Right now, that primarily means crickets and flightless fruit flies. We think Calvert is a boy because he makes the sound that male northern cricket frogs make: a clicking sound very much like a loud cricket. Calvert’s original home was a swamp about a quarter mile inland from the Chesapeake Bay in southern Maryland.
Owner: Kelly

hoppy.jpg (9134 bytes)

This is Hoppy.
"I caught this frog along with 2 others in a small drainage stream near my house in these pics he's sitting under a log and now its his spot and loves it."
Owner: Chris

Hannibal (32218 bytes)

This is Hannibal. He is a young Pyxie, or African Bullfrog (Pyxicephalus adspersus). He is a great devourer of crickets and nightcrawlers. He likes to eat, and sit, and eat, and sit, and occasionally move. He is named Hanniabl because he ate his cage mate, another pyxie, before I got him. He is growing quick and is presumably a male because of the abnormal amount of yellow coloration under his throat, this means he will grow to about 9 inches in length. He is shown here trying to eat the digital camera.
Owner: Snake Guy

JJ's Red Eyed Tree Frog (64686 bytes)

This Red Eyed Tree Frog belongs to JJ. It is one of Three. They all live in a large tank with a waterfall and lots of live plants.
Owner: JJ

Carole's Pixie Frog, Webster! (172139 bytes)

This is my pet frog Webster. He is a Pixie frog, African burrowing bull frog. He nicely posed on our sensor frog which alerts us of unwanted  guests. However, Webster is an attack frog and we feel quite safe with him around. He is quite independent and roams the house when ever he tires of his tank. That usually occurs after a trip since we have 2 residences and Webster dislikes traveling! He lives with us and 13 other frogs. Obviously we are a froggy family.
Owner: Carole Tobey

Rose's nightly visitor, Rosa! (47847 bytes)

Here is my visitor every night, Rosa. She comes right around my front door area. I have a frog crossing sign up there & a lot of little frog figurines but I suspect she likes to feed there. She's a frequent visitor & my husband and I wait for her every night.
Owner: Rose

Hector's pet frog, Freddie! (57355 bytes)

Freddie somehow managed to come in out of the wild (a marsh near our home) and take residence in our basement, living in a small puddle caused by the condensation on our water tank. After a couple of months, we decided to make him our pet.  We believe that he is an Eastern Frog.
Owner: Hector Marchand

Lilly's Green Tree Frog, Little One! (65663 bytes)

This is Little One, a Green Tree Frog. She likes to hide in her tree log and climbs out to eat her dinner. She may be small, but she can eat a lot of crickets!.
Owner: Lilly



Jessica and Robbie's pet Frog! (13540 bytes)

Jessica and Robbie's pet Frog! (12473 bytes)

Jessica and Robbie's pet Frog! (7029 bytes)Here is Emmitt. He is a Whites Tree Frog.  He is just under a year old and loves to climb on his tree limb and eat crickets.
Owners: Jessica and Robbie

Patricia's pet toad (58460 bytes)

"Frogglet" is a Fire Bellied Toad, Patricia has had her going on one year, and she loves her crickets!
Owner: Patricia "Sissie"
email: FroggieStyle79@excite.com

Mark's pet frog (87510 bytes)

Mark's pet frog (76021 bytes)

Meet "Gollum" a Whites Tree Frog.
Owner: Mark Ware

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