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 Amphibian House - Exhibit 6

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This collection of photographs are used by kind permission of Chin Fah Shin (C)
Chinís Nature Corner email: fahshin@tm.net.my and cannot be used
 or reproduced without written consent.

coppercheek.jpg (8033 bytes)
Copper-Cheeked Frog
(Rana chalconota)


erythrae.jpg (15318 bytes)
Common Greenback
(Rana erythraea)


frogonlily.jpg (8829 bytes)
Common Greenback
(Rana erythraea)


frogonlily2.jpg (9015 bytes)
Common Greenback
(Rana erythraea)


treefrog.jpg (12271 bytes)
Common Tree Frog
(Polypedates leucomystax)


whitelip.jpg (14910 bytes)
White-Lipped Frog
(Rana chalconota).


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