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Plant Guide

When selecting plants for your frogs new home it is a good idea to try and get plants that grow in it's natural environment. Some plants can be toxic or harmful to your species of frog so be careful when choosing them. The best solution is to talk to your local pet store clerk, talk to people who have kept the same species of frog or check with one of the many sites on the internet that sell them. We offer this resource as a guide to some of the more common plants that are fairly easy to take care of and based on our own experience with our Red Eyed Tree Frogs and what we have in their home.

Aluminum Plant
These plants not only provide a great place for your frog to sleep because of their big wide leaves but also provide an excellent place for them to climb and get off the ground. These plants tend to grow fairly tall and you may notice them outgrowing your frog's home very quickly. The best thing to do if you find the leaves growing up and bending down, because they have reached the top of your tank, is to just cut them off at the stem.  You will soon notice new stems growing out of where the old ones were. An occasional spraying does not hurt. We have found these plants to be very hard wearing and have not noticed any wilting or leaf discoloration in their present environment. If you are using our habitat setup method regular watering is not necessary as the water in the tank will be enough.

There are many different types of Philodendron. Some of these plants are native to South America and are ideal for our Red Eyed Tree Frogs. However, the Philodendron family of plants are considered poisonous towards certain pets and even people if digested. They tend to grow fairly quickly and their big wide leaves provide an excellent place for your frog to sleep. They need a good source of light. If you notice the leaves looking wilted or curling up either pick them off and a new one should shortly grow back in its place or rearrange them so that the wilted discolored leaves get more light. An occasional spraying is a good idea. If you are using our habitat setup method regular watering is not necessary as the water in the tank will be enough for them to grow.

There are a large variety of palms. We found the small potted palms are great for our frogs. Certain types of palm will not provide a good place for them to sleep, it depends on the size of the leaves. We bought palms with smaller leaves which give them a place to climb and get off the ground. They are a very attractive plant and will look good in your frog's home. An occasional spraying to help the leaves stay green is a good idea otherwise the leaves may darken and eventually die, if this happens just pick them off. If you are using our habitat setup method regular watering is not necessary as the water in the tank will be enough for them to flourish.

Our Red Eyed Tree Frogs did not like the longer type of moss that you can buy in plastic bags at pet stores, they tried very hard not to come in contact with it. We removed the moss and they seemed a lot happier. They started to spend more time on the ground when hunting for food and exploring. We suggest using a moss that is soft and has very short leaves, similar to the type found in your yard. It is not a good idea to use plants from your yard because you do not know what parasites or chemicals are on them. As long as moss is kept damp it will do pretty well in your frogs home. One way of doing this is by spraying it with water each day.

Remember before you purchase your plants you should ask if any pesticides or chemicals have been used on them. They could be very toxic and fatal for your frog. A good idea is to wash them thoroughly before you place them in your frog's new home, just to be on the safe side.

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