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The photographs below were kindly sent to us by visitors to Froggyville. They cannot be used or reproduced without the owners permission.

If you have pictures of your Frog collection that you would like to see here at Froggyville send them to frogglett@froggyville.com and we will put them online for all to enjoy!

Just click on a picture to see a full size view.


derian.jpg (24841 bytes)    derian2.jpg (32350 bytes)

Derian kindly sent us these photo's. From top left a Mayalsian Gliding Tree Frog, Rhacophorus reinwardti Dyeing Poison Frog Dendrobates tinctorius  and another species of tinctorius. The top right photo is a Yellow Banded Poison Frog (Bumble bee) Dendrobates Leucomelas then a couple of White's Tree Frogs Litoria Caerulea and finally, a couple of little baby red-eyed tree frogs Agalychnis callidryas.




judy_australia.jpg (78716 bytes)

Here's a photo that Judy took of  a brown frog from the east coast of Australia.




cathy_collect.jpg (49644 bytes)

cathy_collect1.jpg (51016 bytes)

Cathy has been collecting frogs for a lot of years. Her collection is a lot bigger than she thought it was. Frogs are everywhere in her house.




kath_kelly.jpg (25255 bytes)

kath_kelly1.jpg (26847 bytes)

My girlfriend has been collecting frogs for many years. She has them in every spot in the house. I would like to share some of the collections with your readers. I have been collecting the Kathleen Kelly frogs for her for about 2 years now. We have them all except for one called VIOLETTA. I look all the time on eBay and other sites in hopes that I can get this for her. There are a total of 38 of these. We have 37 of them.

email: mwkirchner2000@yahoo.com



fridoline.jpg (19460 bytes)

Here is one of Ireen's favorite frogs for the collection. She is called Fridoline and goes anywhere she goes. This picture is taken of her at church.

email: hoppyliz@yahoo.de



bob_lamp.jpg (28102 bytes)

Bob's favorite frog. A table lamp.

email: spongebob@kconline.com



monica_sf.jpg (31937 bytes)

Monica with Senior Frog of Senior Frogs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

email: frglvr2@home.com



marj_log_lil.jpg (11757 bytes)

marj_log_lil2.jpg (12233 bytes)

marj_log_lil3.jpg (11041 bytes)

Marjorie with two of her favorite "froggies"  ... "Logan " & "Lovable Lily". She has many, many more. Marjorie has been collecting frogs since the age of three.

email: n1qlf@juno.com



frog_bee.jpg (15855 bytes)

corroboree_platter.jpg (49865 bytes)

These are two pictures from  Ern's  frog collection, sent in by his wife Pamela. The top picture is an ornament, the other is a "one off" platter depicting the Corroboree Frog.

Ern has a  photo album attached to his web page, which contains quite a lot of photos of his frogs. Just click on the link below.
Ern's Frog Album

email: padd@optushome.com.au



sylvacfrog.jpg (34287 bytes)

This is a Sylvac Frog money box which belongs to Tracy.

email: tracy@freakyfrogs.com



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